Want to join VA Players Exec next semester?!

We are seeking a few new members in the following positions:

Lab Series Committee
Supports all Lab Series shows by reading applications, assisting with auditions, creating programs and publicity posters, serving as house manager, and otherwise assisting the Lab Series Chair.
Spotlight Series Committee
Assists with the organization, publicity and implementation of Spotlight Series Workshops and lectures. Acts as a liaison between faculty and guest speakers and otherwise assists the Spotlight Series Chair.
Reading Series Committee
Supports all Reading Series events by reading and selecting plays, scheduling rehearsals and performances, publicising readings and otherwise assisting the Reading Series Chair.
Special Events Committee
Assists with the organization, publicity and implementation of all Special Events, including Trivia Night, Dram Prom, opening night receptions and MORE!
Responsible for maintaining the Virginia Players website and Facebook page with latest events and upcoming announcements.

The Virginia Players Exec meets once a week throughout the semester. Exec members will be expected to complete work for their respective events outside of weekly events, and will change weekly depending on upcoming events. For example, Reading Series Committee members will be busier the days leading up to a reading than other weeks.

TO APPLY: Send a short paragraph including what position(s) you would like to be considered for and why, any previous experience, and major time commitments for the Spring semester to Anne at amd5gg. All years and majors are welcome to apply!!!
DEADLINE: Dec 17, 2013

QUESTIONS? Email amd5gg!

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