APPLY TO JOIN VIRGINIA PLAYERS EXEC for the 2014-2015 school year
All positions are open, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in Virginia Players and the Drama Department!

The following positions are open:

  • President: Conducts weekly meetings, facilitates discussion, and liaises with the Drama Department faculty, especially the Chair of the department to oversee all operations of Virginia Players. The President is also in charge of securing funds for events through grant writing and other channels, as well as having final approval over the programming and budgeting of events. It is the express duty of the President to liaise each year with the Season Selection Committee and lead the student body in selecting a list of plays to put forward.
  •  Vice PresidentFulfills all duties of the President in times of the absence. The Vice President maintains the email listserv and is also appointed Head of Morale.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for managing and approving funding, including working with the Special Events chair(s) to create fundraising events.
  • Special Events Chair(s): Coordinates, plans and publicizes all social events, including but not limited to Jingle Ball, Dram Prom and Theatre Trivia Night.
  •  Lab Series Chair(s)Coordinates with students, the Department Chair, Technical Director, and Production Coordinator to produce a full season of Lab Series shows. This includes, but is not limited to reading and selecting applications, organizing a group audition, reserving performance space and dates, providing technical assistance and help securing production rights.
  •  Spotlight Series Chair(s): Coordinates with faculty and guests of the department, as well as certain outside contacts, to offer a semi-regular series of workshops and lectures that support and extend members’ exposure to various facets of theatre.
  • Reading Series Chair(s): Collaborates with Virginia Players members to organize several staged readings of new and interesting plays, relevant to our community. Duties include but are not limited to choosing plays, finding directors and actors, selecting dates and reserving space for rehearsals and performances.
  • Webmaster: Responsible for maintaining the Virginia Players website, Facebook page, and online calendar, as well as sending out a weekly schedule of events, when necessary.

These positions are all year-long positions that require a minimum of one hour per week, often more depending on the events being planned. If you cannot commit the time to a full year position, consider joining a Committee! Committee members assist their respective Chairs in fulfilling their duties. They may be assigned specific tasks such as publicity or organization of an event. There are 2-4 positions available for the Lab Series, Reading Series, Spotlight Series, and Special Events CommitteesAll committee positions serve one semester terms, at which point you may either be reappointed or switch to a different committee, if desired.

TO APPLY: Please fill out this form by Friday, April 25. Be sure to specify on your application whether you are seeking a year-long position or a committee position. You may apply for more than one position, but the most successful applicants will have specific goals and ideas for their desired positions. All current students are eligible to apply, regardless of major or previous involvement!

Questions? Email Anne at amd5gg.

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