LabShorts Auditions!

Did you miss out on the last audition fiesta and are craving for more?!

Edit: Auditions are closed as we have cast both shorts. Thank you all for coming out to support us!

We’re back with more content! Word on the street is our film branch, LabShorts, is hosting auditions on October 5th! Sign up by clicking on this.

We have two films this semester waiting to be cast, and they are:

“Guardian Angel”
Guardian Angel takes the gendered pressures endured by every college-age woman and frames them with a surrealistic twist. Faced with the expectations of the outside world, every girl is followed around by a personal guardian angel who “helps” them navigate their day- fixing their makeup, keeping them from embarrassing themselves in class, making sure their text messages are just right. But when one girl’s night out takes a dangerous turn, the film confronts the difficult reality of a culture that forces women to be responsible for the assumptions other people inflict on them.

Character Descriptions
(Note: even main characters have very limited dialogue. Most of the more important moments will be based on gesture and body language.)

Nina: College student who carries herself with a level of self-possession that speaks to confidence and composure but is ultimately not impervious. A bit of a defensive bite coats her vulnerability to the undermining efforts of her angel. She is firm, but at the end exhausted and nearly defeated by her situation. Completely open call- any ethnicity/body type/etc.

Main Angel: Angel assigned to monitor and regulate Nina’s behavior. She sees herself as Nina’s friend and co-conspirator, and is often playful even when she is pressuring her. She is not self-serious or severe, but can direct demeaning barbs with an unnerving calm. Completely open call- any ethnicity/body type/etc.

Henry: College bro with the sort of self-confidence and brass to work a room at any party. Cocky in a way that’s appealing and intimidating. Focuses an over-attention on you that is both engaging and threatening.

Jamie: College student, Nina’s male friend, big personality, conversational, and a little bitchy. Not overly invested in other people’s problems.

**Guardian Angels also involves a large number of small, bit parts and will need a lot of extras- so even if you aren’t looking to lead and just want some screen time, there is a part for you!**

“Low Battery” 
In a futuristic setting where phones can talk, the line between phone usage and social interactions has become blurred. When one student’s phone runs out of battery, s/he must learn to live a day without a phone.

Character Descriptions:

Protagonist (gender neutral) – slightly introverted, a little awkward, naively optimistic, more down-to-earth than his/her peers but also is very self-conscious so conforms to the social “norms”

Friend (same gender as protagonist) – extroverted, self-absorbed but makes others feel important, popular, a little superficial and high-maintenance but too lazy to do things for his/herself

Crush (opposite gender of protagonist) – calm, cool, and relaxed, overall very normal character

Auditions will be held in room 115B 216 at the UVA Drama building, contact Danny Wagner ( ) for any questions.

Edit 10/3/16: Corrected room number

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