Lab Series Festival

Hello hello! At long last Virginia Players would like to present to you our Fall 2016 Lab Series Festival!

We have two different shows to offer on the last weekend of October. What Every Girl Should Know (Directed by third year Katharine Leggett) will be performed October 27 and 28 @ 7pm and Identity, A Musical Cabaret (Directed by third year Kathleen Welch) will be performed October 29 @ 7pm. Both shows will be in the Helms theatre and both will be FREE ADMISSION!

Check out the Facebook Event for What Every Girl Should Know

And don’t forget the one time chance to see Identity, A Musical Cabaret

If you happen to be interested in getting involved directly with Virginia Players, the best thing to do is come out to the festival. This is an easy way for you to get your name out there and for you to become familiar with the type of projects we produce.

Okay, I know the Facebook event says look on the website for more information but our Lab Series chair posted more than what I know on the Facebook events. Shoutouts to her for being a superstar. Shoutouts to me for being slightly below average.

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