Who We Are

Virginia Players started in the 1920s as a student club dedicated to producing plays due to a lack of a drama program at the University of Virginia. Inthe early 1930s, a course in playwriting taught by Harry Rogers Pratt was added to the curriculum. Soon after, E. Roger Boyle was given a part-time position to teach drama courses. After World War II, Virginia Players became the Department of Speech and Drama, an official department of the University offering undergraduate and graduate courses. Now, Virginia Players serves, again, as a student organization of the Drama Department committed to the promotion of student work and education.


Our Mission

Virginia Players is a student run organization committed to providing opportunities to refine artistic skills, connect with professionals within and outside the department, and bridge the gap between student theater and the UVa Department of Drama in a supportive environment.


Contact Us

Feel free to contact our staff if you have questions about Virginia Players! Reach us at va_playersexec@virginia.edu.


Executive Board


President: Maille-Rose Smith (ms5jr@virginia.edu)
Vice President: Avery Erskine (pae4mz@virginia.edu)
Artistic Directors: Karen Zipor (klz3fh@virginia.edu) and Carolyn Schaumburg (cgs2mn@virginia.edu)  
P.R.: Karen Zipor (klz3fh@virginia.edu) and Olivia Morrison  (oam3mc@virginia.edu)
Community Chair:  Olivia Morrison (oam3mc@virginia.edu) and Lydia Smith (ls7xu@virginia.edu)

Cady Garey, Faculty Consultant
Richard Will, Department Chair