4th Year Drama Mentorship

Program Overview

Virginia Players’ 4th Year Drama Mentorship is a program that connects fourth-year students who intend to work professionally in the performing arts/entertainment industry with graduate students who have volunteered to provide insights about the process of choosing and starting a career in their specific field.

The program provides undergraduate students and their graduate student mentors a structured means of initiating a professional relationship to discuss career interests and topics of professional preparation: together, they develop goals for their regular meetings, during which the graduate student mentors offer insights about their own undergraduate experiences, career progression and current study/work which supports mentees in navigating their own chosen career paths.

*The model and many of the resources for the Virginia Players’ 4th Year Drama Mentorship program have been adapted from Virginia Alumni Mentoring, which connects current 3rd year undergraduate students with UVa Alumni from a variety of fields.


  • If you are a graduate student and would like to sign up to mentor, please submit a form.
  • Class of 2016: The mentorship will continue to accept applications throughout the year. Students will be matched based on availability of graduate students.