Our History

In October of 1924, students at the University of Virginia founded the “Virginia Dramatic Club, headquartered at “Mrs. Pilkington’s boarding house on Rugby Road.” Later that year, they changed their name and have since been dubbed the “Virginia Players”

Harry Rogers Pratt


H.R. Pratt is one of the founding fathers of the Virginia Players and what was later to be the Department of Drama. He was the faculty director of the Virginia Players and a professor of playwriting in the 1930s, introducing drama classes and inspiring audiences to support productions at the University.

Luther Greene


“I get the most talented people I can find, get them to work together and hope to end up with a hit.” (NYT)

Luther Greene was born in Virginia and studied at the University of Virginia. In his time as a student here, he acted as the director and manager of the Virginia Players, as well as the editor of the Virginia Drama magazine. He went on to work on Broadway as a producer, his first renowned production being a revival of Ghosts by Ibsen in the year 1935.

Student Works

Politian, a Tragedy by Edgar Allan Poe

Portions of the script used by actress Elizabeth Fenner Gresham for a production at the University of Virginia (1936-1939).

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“The Public in the Theatre” by Eva Le Gallienne

Past Playbills


Scenes from Plays Past